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I love the intersection of people, technology, culture and great products.

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Learning To Be Comfortable With Success

The first is … The second step is … The third step is learning to be comfortable with success.

Poem: A Reminder

make it visible, no head works alone, favor kindergarden…

Do People Pay More Attention When They Are Being Assessed?

By the time people are more concerned about the exam or assessment they have stopped thinking critically and are just cramming more factoids in their heads. As adults we typically have more than enough information crammed in our heads. The question becomes “Can we make better use of what we already know or have experienced?”

Does self organizing team imply self assembly?

The demand is applied such that we get feedback. That feedback has a sensitivity that can be adjusted or tuned like a dial. The dial for agile/scrum teams is easily seen in the form of a story (Chunk of Work) level and can go up to the thickness of a project/product. If the demand goes unfulfilled…

When the Scrum Seems To Basics For Your Needs

I find that when people think they are beyond the Scrum basics, they are not. It like saying you know how to dribble the basketball and therefore you no longer need to practice dribbling. Whatever you know today, you must work to keep it. It is not yours and can be lost. That’s the price [...]