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I love the intersection of people, technology, culture and great products.

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Do People Pay More Attention When They Are Being Assessed?

By the time people are more concerned about the exam or assessment they have stopped thinking critically and are just cramming more factoids in their heads. As adults we typically have more than enough information crammed in our heads. The question becomes “Can we make better use of what we already know or have experienced?”

Make Organizations Smarter Than Individual People – Social Adaptation

Great leaders must allow for individual recognition inside/outside the corporate walls and reward success through collaborative effort. For individuals this means pursuing professional development through collaborative exchange. This is the promise of social media and the benefit it can bring to organizations both large and small.

6 Easy Steps to Embrace Social Media and Networking

  This guides suggests 6 easy steps to help you get started with building your online social reputation and image. This guide will help you avoid common mistake in how people manage their online reputation.  Why  Our society is shifting rapidly to an internet / online network because managing your online reputation is becoming imperative  for companies [...]

Pro Rec Trainer

Well looks like I just became a Professional Recognition trainer. My background in team training and agile dynamics has made me suited to becoming a trainer coach for their new course delivered to working professioanls. I am excited.

Facebook Is Now On My List of Social Networks

Facebook … It will take a lot of time to explore and deepen my use of this tool

Tripit – Another Social Tool for Sharing Your Travel Schedule

This tool is to help me organize my travel and make it easy for me to meet with folks when I am in the area. We shall see…. For now look for me

Plaxo the Next Soical Networking Site in A Growing List

I can only say it is one more site that I am passively playing with. It is a different feel than the other ones I use but, at the end of the day it is just another place to update and maintain stuff. You can find me on Plaxo

Setting Up A Naymz Profile

I am continuing my exploration fo social networking sites and tools. Currently, I updated my Naymz (hard to spell that name ) and seeing what it has to offer. One item that caught my attention was the reputation builder. It is a tool that will allow you to caste an improved image about yourself to [...]

Twitter Is An Interesting Tool

Just recently I setup an account on Twitter, called Scrum_Coach. I’m not sure how this tool will work out or really it’s overall purpose in establishing and building a professional image around. I will be using this image for the things I do related to agile and scrum as a coach.

Linkedin – One Of My First Social Tools

I have probably established more connections with Linkedin that any other tool. More people  have reached out to me with this tool than any other. Me? No I have only reached out to a couple of people on Linkined and that was so I could see how it worked. My focus is owning my own [...]